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  • What exactly is Seadek?
    Seadek is a high-quality marine flooring solution made from closed-cell PE/EVA foam. It provides comfort, durability, and traction while enhancing the aesthetics of boats and watercraft.
  • Is Seadek compatible with different types of boat surfaces, such as fiberglass, aluminum, or wood?
    Yes, Seadek adheres well to various boat surfaces, including fiberglass (with nonslip texture), aluminum, and wood. Our installation process ensures a secure and long-lasting bond.
  • How does Seadek compare to other marine flooring options in terms of traction and slip-resistance?
    Seadek's non-slip surface provides exceptional traction, even when wet, making it safer than many traditional boat flooring materials.
  • Can Seadek be customized to fit my boat's specific design and dimensions?
    Absolutely! Seadek can be tailored to fit any boat make or model, with customization options available to match your desired colors, textures, and patterns. We use a specialized digitally scanning tool to make sure our custom cut Seadek will fit any layout.
  • Does it get hot or absorb heat like traditional boat flooring options?
    No, Seadek's closed-cell EVA foam construction prevents heat absorption, making it ideal for barefoot use. While it may warm up initially, it quickly regulates to your foot's temperature and dissipates heat, providing comfortable flooring even in sunny conditions.
  • How long does Seadek typically last, and is its durability affected by different climates?
    Seadek is rigorously tested and rated for 7 years of longevity under normal cleaning and upkeep. These tests occur in the harsh environment of Florida where Seadek is manufactured and where they have year-round sun and saltwater exposure. Like with any product, expected longevity can change with abuse but Canada, where the boating season is shorter, well-maintained Seadek can easily surpass 10 years.
  • Does Seadek experience significant colour fading over time?
    Seadek is highly resilient to fading, thanks to its design for harsh sun and saltwater climates. While some fading may occur over years of sun exposure, it's extremely minimal compared to other materials.
  • What warranties are provided with Seadek installations?
    We offer a one-year installation warranty, supplemented by a three-year manufacturer's warranty through Seadek. However, it's important to note that warranties typically do not cover damage caused by pet destruction, sharp objects or burns from open flames, cigarettes/cigars, light amplification, BBQs or other sources of direct intense heat. You can view Seadek's official manufacturers warranty here:
  • Is Seadek replacement difficult if needed?
    Short answer, Yes, properly installed Seadek is not easy (or fun) to remove. While Seadek installed by Luxe Marine is installed to last the test of time, we understand that colour changes or replacements may be desired. We have developed an efficient removal process that we can offer, or we can guide you through the removal process if you choose to do it yourself.
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